College Credit Offerings

The Sutherlin AST Program, including SAE and FFA, offers several opportunities for earning college credit while taking high school courses.  Begin by reading about the credits available, then go to the college web links for forms, due dates, and related materials.

The following college credits are currently offered through the Sutherlin Agricultural Science & Technology (AST) program at SHS.  Requirements for earning credit vary by course, and more information is available with Mr. Crawford.  Click on each title heading for the proper page of forms and information.

Umpqua Community College (UCC)UCC
WLD 101- Introduction to Welding (4 credits)
AG 120 - Introduction to Ag Business (3 credits)
Total:  7 credits

Blue Mountain Community College (BMCC)BMCC
ANS 231 - Livestock Judging (3 credits)
ANS 198 - Reproductive Physiology Clinic (1 credit)
AGR 111 - Agricultural Computers (3 credits)
AGM 221 - Metals & Welding (3 credits)
CSS 100 - Soils & Fertilizers (3 credits)
Total:   13 credits
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Linn-Benton Community College (LBCC)
ANS 121 - Introduction to Animal Science (4 credits)
AG 111 - Agricultural Computers (3 credits)
CSS 205 - Soils & Management (3 credits)
Total:  10 credits