Sutherlin FFA - Premier Chapter at the Douglas County Fair

Sutherlin FFA was awarded the premier chapter award at the 2011 Douglas County Fair - a result of numerous successes from the 20 members who participated and competed throughout the week.

Resultslandscape - Reserve Grand Champion Steer - Andrew Beattie
 - Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog - Adam Powell
 - Grand Champion FFA Swine Showman - Adam Powell
 - Reserve Grand Champion FFA Swine Showman - Shelby Henrikson
 - Champion FFA Dairy Showman - Jessica Freeman
 - Champion FFA Female Dairy - Jessica Freeman
 - Reserve Grand Champion Master Showman - Adam Powell
 - Market Steer Conformation Class Winners - Tessa Franklin, Jerry Risk; other participants - Austin Powell, Trevor Taylor, Caylin Hobgood, Andrew Beattie
 - Market Hog Class Winners - Kaylee Terry, Adam Powell; second place hogs - Lucas Erickson, Natasha Russell, Colleen O'Meara; other participants – Amy Goulart, Jessica Woodward, Priscilla Medina, Juan Vazquez, Aurora Vazquez, Kiana Gorla
 - Breeding Swine participants - Austin Powell, Colleen O'Meara, Shelby Henrikson, Amy Goulart
 - Champion FFA Novice Beef Showman - Andrew Beattie; Reserve Champion Novice Beef Showman - Jerry Risk
 - Champion FFA Novice Swine Showman – Kiana Gorla; Reserve Champion Novice Swine Shomwan - Aurora Vazquez
 - Landscape Exhibit - 1st place chapter (tie)
 - Crops - Premier Chapter Exhibit, Shelby Henrikson for Premier Exhibitor; other partcipants - Bethany Spelgatti
 - Mechanics - champion Large Construction, Kaylee Terry 1st in class for small metal construction; Jessica Woodward 2nd
 - Presentations - champion Colleen O'Meara; 3rd advanced Lana Chamberlain, 1st beginning Caylin Hobgood

Sutherlin FFA is a Presence at Lamb Show

Congrats to all FFA Lamb Show participants - 17 Sutherlin FFA members showed and sold.  Well done to Tiffani Rosemeyer (1st conformation), Bethany Spelgatti (1st conformation), Chris Warren (1st conformation), Anjelica Badillo (2nd conformation), Micah Helvie (2nd conformation), Lana Chamberlain (Reserve Grand Champion Showmanship, Senior Champion Showman, 3rd conformation), Cari McCoy (3rd conformation), Kylee Carson (3rd conformation, 3rd showmanship), Christy Chamberlain (3rd showmanship)\, Taylor Foley (1st Senior Showmanship), Shelby Foley, Rozalyn Patrick (3rd conformation), Tara MacDonald, Maria Lupi, Andrea Logana, Kim Edwards, Lindsay Needham!

Spring State CDE Round Up

The Sutherlin FFA Chapter began May with a bang as 35 students competed in 10 state competitions over four days, with six teams placing and one team qualifying for national competition.


State Meats CDE: 1st Place (22 teams total) and qualifying for national competition in Indianapolis in October
Alex Powell (1st Place High Individual), Colleen O'Meara (2nd place High Individual), Austin Powell (3rd place High Individual), Adam Powell, Megan Lemke

State Meats B-Team: 1st Place
Jerry Risk (10th Place High Individual), Anjelica Badillo, Micah Helvie, Kaylee Terry, Madi Powell

State Ag Communications: 4th Place
Rozalyn Patrick (3rd Place High Individual), Kasse Freeman (7th Place High Individual), Kacie McCracken (10th Place High Individual), Lana Chamberlain

State Food Science: 4th Place (16 teams)
Kylee Carson (2nd Place High Individual), Tessa Franklin (8th Place High Individual), Heather Brown, Jessica Freeman

State Environmental Science & Natural Resources (Envirothon): (2nd Place FFA - 15 teams) (Team also placed 5th in overall Envirothon – 35 teams)
Aaron Davis, Kaylee Terry, Colton Leatherwood, Cody Ferguson, Bethany Spelgatti

Oregon Envirothon: 3rd Place Overall (35 teams), 1st in Wildlife Ecology, 1st in Video Presentation
Adam Powell, Austin Powell, Jessica Warren, Jerry Risk, Rozalyn Patrick

Other teams competing:

Horse Judging (Taylor Foley, Shelby Foley, Christy Chamberlain)
Agricultural Mechanics (Nick Brewer, Ryan Smith)
Advanced and Novice Livestock (Austin Powell - 13th High Individual advanced), Andrew Beattie, Trevor Taylor, Dylan Dawson, Tessa Franklin (5th High Individual novice), Jesse Freeman, Destiny Liles, Ambrose Brower, Garrett Freeman, Kayla Mosley

83rd State Convention Was One To Remember

img_0135The 83rd Oregon FFA State Convention was just a regular convention for most of the FFA members from Sutherlin who attended. Workshops and competitions filled their schedules and the highlight of their day was session. But for one Sutherlin FFA member this convention was unlike any other. After two long days of numerous interviews and being isolated from all other FFA members, Adam Powell's hard work and determination paid off as he was elected as the 2011-2012 Oregon FFA State Vice President. Adam, far left,is the first State Officer from Sutherlin since Wes Crawford in 2001-2002. Adam wasn't the only Sutherlin FFA member being elected into an office. Jerry Risk was elected as the 2011-2012 Umpqua District President and Lana Chamberlain was elected Vice President.

Teams from Sutherlin also competed in Ag Marketing, Ag Youth Awareness, and Farm Business Management. Kaylee Terry, Alex Powell, and Lana Chamberlain created an eight page marketing plan and presented it along with a 15 minute PowerPoint to a panel of judges in the Ag Marketing Career Development Event. In the Ag Youth Awareness CDE, Juan Vazquez, Madi Powell, and Lana Chamberlain were interviewed about youth activities the Sutherlin FFA Chapter puts on such as Food For America and Farmers Friends that inform the youth about agriculture. Jerry Risk, Austin Powell, Jessica Warren, and Colleen O'Meara all competed in the Farm Business Management CDE by taking a 100 question test about running and managing a farm. The Marketing and Ag Youth Awareness teams bannered placing third and the FBM team placed fifth.

Colleen O'Meara presented her 8 minute speech in the State Prepared Public Speaking CDE and placed second out of a very tough playing field of speakers. Austin Powell, Jerry Risk, and Taylor Foley all received their District Proficiency Awards and competed for the State Proficiency in their areas but unfortunately all three fell short. Sutherlin's State Degree recipients were also recognized. They are Kasse Freeman, Taylor Foley, Ross Grauf, Roz Patrick, Alex Powell, and Jerry Risk.

State Convention is always a fun time for FFA members but it is also very rewarding. All the hard work that Sutherlin FFA members put in paid off as they were elected into leadership positions and awarded for their dedication to the organization. Sutherlin FFA is very proud of its members and looks forward to future success.



District Leadership CDE's

On Wednesday, Feburary 9th, the District Leadership Career Development Events were held at the Sutherlin Family Church in Sutherlin. These events were parliamentary procedure, extempt public speaking, and prepared public speaking. Colleen O'Meara placed second in prepared public speaking and Adam Powell placed first in extempt while Jessica Warrren placed second. The advanced parliamentary procedure team placed first and consisted of Jerry Risk, Austin Powell, Bethany Spelgatti, Roz Patrick, Colton Leatherwood, and Adam Powell.

The beginning parli pro team consisted of Jesse Freeman, Garrett Freeman, Josie Nunnelly, Kylee Carson, Priscilla Medina, and Tessa Franklin and placed second. Shania Wallis and Tammera Beck were also on the beginning team.  Both the advanced and beginning teams will move on and compete at sectionals. Both teams are very excited to compete for a chance at state and the chapter wishes them the best of luck.


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