FFA students attend leadership conference and receive valuable life skills

The Umpqua Leadership Conference is held every two years at the Douglas County Fairgrounds for students in local FFA programs (Roseburg, Sutherlin, Oakland, Glide, Days Creek, Myrtle Point, Douglas, South Umpqua). Speakers come from across the country to coach FFA members on what it means to be a leader and how they can use positive influence everyday to better themselves and others. The conference was held this year on September 20th, and Sutherlin FFA was well represented with 122 students in attendance.

After the conference, the students who went discussed what they learned from the different speakers. A common answer from students was about the need of every human spirit to receive encouragement from others. Other answers included making the most of what you are given in life and finding a career to feed your passion. These life lessons will help Sutherlin FFA members not only make their chapter better but also their school and community. The Umpqua Leadership Conference is one of the few events in which everyone in the chapter attends. This means that a lot of freshman and less involved members went to the conference and were able to grow as they never have before. The conference will certainly have a positive impact on this school year and the Sutherlin FFA Chapter.


Thank you to our sponsors for the Umpqua Leadership Conference:

  • Lilja Family Fund
  • The Ford Family Foundation
  • The Whipple Family Fund
  • The Douglas County Fairgrounds
  • Douglas County Livestock Association
  • Douglas County Farm Bureau

Fair Results

This August, Sutherlin FFA members went to the Douglas County Fair to showcase their animals and compete against other FFA members in the district. We had lots of swine, some cattle, and even a duck at fair this year. Sutherlin FFA also set up “FFA Way” which was a part of Douglas Hall filled with projects that have come out of our metalshop, woodshop, and classroom.


Here are the winning results:


Premier Ag Mechanics Chapter Display

Champion Chapter Landscape Exhibit

Premier Educational Display Chapter

Herdsmanship - Swine winning chapter

Herdsmanship - Beef winning chapter

Herdsmanship - Poultry winning chapter

Herdsmanship - Goats winning chapter

Champion Presentations - Mackenzie Price

Reserve Champion Presentations - Esten Harrington

Premier Ag Mechanics Exhibitor - Carlos Lopez

Champion Trailer - Cameron Lemke, Carlos Lopez

Champion Ag Mech Medium Construction - Carlos Lopez

Champion Ag Mech Small Construction - Carlos Lopez

Champion CAD-CAM Ag Mechanics - Mackenzie Price & Mariah Bebeau

Premier Dairy Exhibitor - Dejah Maynard

Supreme Dairy Female - Dejah Maynard


State Soils!

On October 13-14, Sutherlin FFA members competed in Culver, Oregon for the State Soils CDE (Career-Development Event). Soils is an event that FFA members can participate in that involves many different skills. This includes finding the texture of the soil, special features, irrigation of the land, wind and water erosion, and much more.

Soils was a great opportunity for the members of the Sutherlin FFA Chapter. There were over 100 competitors from all over the State of Oregon. A lot of tough competition was present, but Sutherlin members did their best. As Joe Matteo put it, “State Soils was a great experience to see a different part of the state and also to see everyone represent our Chapter in such a great way.”

Sutherlin FFA Results:


2nd place B-Team

3rd place A-Team


7th - Joe Matteo

10th – Kalana Granger

13th – Taylor Brooke

16th – Bryson Price


Lighting the Way

barn photoshophorse phototshop

Sutherlin Students blew everyone away at the annual Sutherlin Light Parade on Saturday December, 14th. Sutherlin FFA members spent countless hours working to make our float great for this years theme "A Country Christmas." The students were in charge of designing and building the float, which was quite a challenge this year. The idea our students had was to design a horse pulling a sleigh, and turning a trailer into a barn; this was easier said than done. It took all week to pull everything together and to get lights on everything including the ten foot horse! Sutherlin FFA members had a blast cruising the streets, throwing out candy, and showing off all the hard work put into the floats. Sutherlin FFA's creativity did not disappoint the town people as we recieved first place in the theme division! Students love being involved with the light parade and another successful year of lighting it up can be added to everyone's memory.

Growing Greenhands!

This year, the annual Greenhand ceremony was held in the activity center where FFA members and parents gathered to watch Freshman recieve their very first FFA degree, the Greenhand Degree! To recieve this degree freshmen members had to meet a certain criteria that they had gone over in the Intro to Ag class. During the ceremony Mia Lahley, Eliza Sorenson, Ariana Buck, Camerin Feagins, and Emma Maetto presented the FFA Creed.

"It was a great experience to go through as a freshman, said Ariana, it made me feel welcomed into the chapter."  Also during the ceremony, senior members got the chance to cut down their greenhands from when they were a freshman, and parents got the chance to get involved with the Alumni. Afterwards, all members headed up to the middle school gym for a thrilling game of dogdeball. Overall, Greenhand night was a success! It was great to honor these freshman on their achievements. The Sutherlin FFA chapter can't wait to see all the great things they will accomplish in the future!