Members Get in Gear As They Compete in Tractor Driving

On November 2nd, FFA members from all across the Umpqua District loaded up to compete at the Tractor Driving Career Development. Hosted by the Douglas County Farm Bureau at the Fairgrounds, the event is one of the districts most attended CDEs, and brings in many excited members.

In the weeks prior to the event, freshman competitors learned about tractor mechanics, safety, and operation. Today was the day to test their knowledge. Sutherlin FFA members did exceptionally well, taking home two banners. The Advanced Team placed second, and the Beginning Team received first, showing their hard work paid off. Many individuals placed in the top ten as listed below.

 tractor driving

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Sutherlin FFA Earns Second State Soils Title and Move on to Nationals

Your hands are dirty, but you are happy. You wipe your brow as you turn in your last soils card, and then anxiously wait for the results. You have worked hard and are excited for you and your t­­­eammates. This describes the feelings of FFA members at The State Soils CDE, hosted at Elkton. On October 16th, Sutherlin FFA competed in the CDE, and came with two banners. The B- Team placed 3rd overall, and the A- Team received 1st place, qualifying for the National Land Judging Competition in Oklahoma this spring. Members competing very well, claiming spots in the top twenty individuals. Individual results are listed below.soils3

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Members Live to Serve as They Drive Away Hunger



FFA is known for its service and care for issues affecting the world. Currently, there are over 700 million people in the world who are malnourished, so Oregon FFA has chosen to help “Drive Away Hunger” through a statewide food drive initiative partnered by Les Schwab Tires. FFA Chapters and Les Schwab businesses across the entire state collect funds and food donations that are send to local food pantries and those in need.

Recently, Sutherlin FFA took part in the initiative by dropping of donation bags around the community and picking up food donations in them. As well, Sutherlin Les Schwab Food Drive has food and money donation bins at their facility.  Cassidy Leatherwood, Sutherlin FFA Chapter Vice President, describes her experience, “­ I think it’s important that as an agriculture based program we take care of feeding the world, and this community service program does just that.”

FFA Members Get Their Hands Dirty at District Soils


“It’s soil, not dirt!” These words could be heard as one passed by a conversation at the Umpqua District Soils Career Development Event. On October 3rd, FFA members from across the district all traveled to Glendale to compete in the CDE. One of the most hands on competition FFA offers, students performed different tests on soil samples that helped analyze the quality and purpose of the land. Sutherlin FFA was well represented, bringing fifty-three members to the contest, and walking away with the opportunity to attend State Soils. As well, both the beginning and advanced teams placed first! Congrats to all! The results are listed below





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Umpqua Leadership Camp

On September 9th, Sutherlin FFA members hit the road to attend the three day Umpqua FFA District Leadership Camp. Entitled “Discover Purpose,” the camp was designed to teach students how to take their passions, and use them to serve their communities, thus creating a life of purpose.

Sutherlin FFA members, along with other FFA members from neighboring schools, all had opportunities to participate in workshops, outdoor recreation, public speaking contests and personal reflections. After attending the conference Zach Lor described what he experienced and learned, “Regardless of who you were, you were always welcomed and most importantly, you were always allowed to be who you really wanted to be and it really opened my mind that there really were people who thought similarly to me. My favorite memory about leadership camp was the dance and my assigned officer group. The officer group gave me a chance to really get to know different people… We danced and it felt like whatever you did, the crazier it was, the better it felt. It was truly an experience that I'll never take for granted.”

Just like Zach, leadership camp left a positive influence on many students, helping them grow into powerful leaders.