Members Learn More About Agriculture Industries at District Floriculture and Dairy Food CDEs


Everyone can enjoy an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. However, for the perfect bowl of creamy ice cream to occur lots of processing must take place. This takes individuals who understand how to safely process dairy. Recently at the District Dairy Foods CDE,  not only did  participants learn about how milk is processed, but they also learned how to price milk, identify diseases, find defects in milk quality, and characterize the properties of different products

As spring comes around the corner, flowers bloom and the promise of their beautiful colors is evident. Flowers are a key part of culture, and understanding floral design, maintenance, and marketing are all crucial for the flower industry to thrive. Luckily for the flower industry, many students expressed an interest in learning about it at the recent District Floriculture CDE. Within this competition students identified plants, tools, pests, and plant diseases. As well, students also learned how to make boutonnieres, work with a customer, and design an advertisement.

At both CDE’s, hosted by Elkton FFA at Elkton high school, Sutherlin FFA was well represented with 15 different freshman competing for our Beginning Floriculture and Dairy Foods Teams and 25 upper classroom competing for both advanced teams. Student competed very well as all Sutherlin FFA teams took home a banner. Both our Advanced Floriculture and Dairy Foods teams moved on to the state level by placing first! As well, both Beginning teams took home a banner which was very impressive since this was their first time competing! Individual results are posted below.



Advanced Milk Quality - 1st!
Beginning Milk Quality - 2nd!

Advanced Floriculture - 1st!
Beginning Floriculture - 3rd!

Adv Milk Quality Individuals:
1 Destiny Pedersen
2 Hannah Jarman
3 Sam Crawford
4 Rylee Parsons
6 Megan Carrillo
7 Brian Keith
9 Brookelyn Clark
10 Madelyn Higgins-Porterfield

Beg Milk Quality Individuals:
4 Livvy Higgs
5 Sterling Foster
6 Madison Brown
8 Aubry Brownson
9 Melissa Bryant
11 Ezekiel Bowden

Adv Floriculture Individuals:
2 Regan Leatherwood
4 Taryn Whelchel
5 Carly Sherman
7 Alyssa McCormick
8 Alexa Shaver
13 Rachel Barclay
17 Hailee Holder
18 Maisie Sherman

Beg Floriculture Individuals:
5 Aurora Cheathham
10 Katie Price
11 Libby Whited
12 Shyla Hunt