Members Step Up to the Plate at Chapter Speaking Night

Written by Mackenzie Price Mackenzie Price
Created: 01 February 2018 01 February 2018

"How would you like to give a competitive speech? Most people, even adults, would shrink at this idea. In fact, public speaking is the number one fear worldwide! However, Sutherlin FFA students are not so easily afraid and many stepped up the plate this last Monday at the Sutherlin FFA Chapter Speaking Night. Competing in Job Interview and Extemporaneous, Prepared, and Creeed Speaking events, students refined their communication skills.

27067602 1716391265083585 1042494174808335846 n Sophomore Maisie Sherman describes the students’ performances stating, “As a timer for FFA Creed and Beginning Public Speaking, I was very impressed with the freshmen competing. They carried themselves very well, using effective hand motions and emphasizing important ideas in their speeches.” Not only did members conquer a common fear, but they did it while speaking on a stage, on microphone, in front of a panel of judges. Overall, the event was a large success hosting 23 different competitors. We express a special thank you to all the student volunteers, judges, and spectators for attending. Results are posted below







Moving on to Districts!  

Beginning Public Speaking:

Creed Speaking:

Advanced Prepared Public Speaking:

Extemporaneous Public Speaking:

Beginning Job Interview:

Advanced Job Interview: