Sutherlin CTE Hosts Annual Partner’s Dinner

Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are meant to give high school students practical skills that will help them as they enter the job force. These skills may be welding, woodworking, computer programming and design, agricultural education, and more.

In recent years, some schools have struggled to keep CTE programs around and provide programs with adequate teachers. Sutherlin High School doesn’t have this problem however. Our CTE program happens to be one of the best in the state. In fact, for the past two summers, teachers from around Oregon have come to Sutherlin High School to take a week long course taught by Mr. Gary (Woodshop teacher) and Mr. Crawford (Metals and Ag Teacher).  The course is meant to help inexperienced teachers with welding and woodworking skills. It has been incredibly successful.

Of course, without generous partners, the Sutherlin CTE program would cease to exist at such a high caliber. We would be suffering just like many other schools around Oregon. This is why the CTE Partner’s Dinner is so important. It is a night in which we showcase our achievements over the past year and recognize those who have helped us whether financially or through technical knowledge.

At this year’s Partner Dinner (Nov. 16), we discussed the success of last school year and new projects that will be started this current year. It was a privilege to have representatives from Habitat for Humanity there. The Sutherlin CTE Program will be helping build furniture and landscaping for a new Habitat for Humanity house being built in Sutherlin. In addition, Aisia Carillo launched the CTE Program’s Etsy site  which will begin selling products made in the woodshop and metalshop. We also awarded our CTE Champions: UCC Welding, Orenco, and Shane Hagberg. Overall, this year’s dinner was another success.


Wes Crawford awards CTE Champion Shane Hagberg

Jordan Cox shows UCC instructor Duane Thompson a guitar built in the SHS Woodshop.

Alyssa McCormick demonstrates her game design skills.

FFA Member Sterling Foster and one of the partners.