FFA students attend leadership conference and receive valuable life skills

The Umpqua Leadership Conference is held every two years at the Douglas County Fairgrounds for students in local FFA programs (Roseburg, Sutherlin, Oakland, Glide, Days Creek, Myrtle Point, Douglas, South Umpqua). Speakers come from across the country to coach FFA members on what it means to be a leader and how they can use positive influence everyday to better themselves and others. The conference was held this year on September 20th, and Sutherlin FFA was well represented with 122 students in attendance.

After the conference, the students who went discussed what they learned from the different speakers. A common answer from students was about the need of every human spirit to receive encouragement from others. Other answers included making the most of what you are given in life and finding a career to feed your passion. These life lessons will help Sutherlin FFA members not only make their chapter better but also their school and community. The Umpqua Leadership Conference is one of the few events in which everyone in the chapter attends. This means that a lot of freshman and less involved members went to the conference and were able to grow as they never have before. The conference will certainly have a positive impact on this school year and the Sutherlin FFA Chapter.


Thank you to our sponsors for the Umpqua Leadership Conference:

  • Lilja Family Fund
  • The Ford Family Foundation
  • The Whipple Family Fund
  • The Douglas County Fairgrounds
  • Douglas County Livestock Association
  • Douglas County Farm Bureau