Umpqua Leadership Camp

On September 9th, Sutherlin FFA members hit the road to attend the three day Umpqua FFA District Leadership Camp. Entitled “Discover Purpose,” the camp was designed to teach students how to take their passions, and use them to serve their communities, thus creating a life of purpose.

Sutherlin FFA members, along with other FFA members from neighboring schools, all had opportunities to participate in workshops, outdoor recreation, public speaking contests and personal reflections. After attending the conference Zach Lor described what he experienced and learned, “Regardless of who you were, you were always welcomed and most importantly, you were always allowed to be who you really wanted to be and it really opened my mind that there really were people who thought similarly to me. My favorite memory about leadership camp was the dance and my assigned officer group. The officer group gave me a chance to really get to know different people… We danced and it felt like whatever you did, the crazier it was, the better it felt. It was truly an experience that I'll never take for granted.”

Just like Zach, leadership camp left a positive influence on many students, helping them grow into powerful leaders.