yearbook order form

The Sutherlin FFA Yearbook is now for sale! Sutherlin High School students Kalana Granger and Emma Matteo have been working all year on the project. As a part of their Agricultural Communications class, the two FFA membe

rs have spent their time and efforts on putting together a colorful, exciting, and member-inclusive yearbook.

Kalana and Emma have created over 100 pages full of pictures, titles, and text to make a wonderful 2015-2016 yearbook for the FFA Chapter. The pages cover events, seniors, competitions, awards, members, and much more. The yearbook is a great way to remember the year and everything the Sutherlin FFA Chapter has accomplished.

The Agricultural Communications team has worked very hard to create the best yearbook possible and are very thankful for each order we get!  To buy the yearbook, turn in a filled out order for to the basket in Mr. Crawford’s room with money attached. Thank You!!