On April 1, a group of students traveled to Elkton High School to compete in District Floriculture. This CDE gives members a chance to show off their skills in making a boutonniere, identifying the correct way to go about a hazardous situation, and making a flyer for a sale at a store that sells agriculture related merchandise. They also get to show off their memory in a knowledge test as well as tool and plant identification.

While these tasks may seem easy, members gave their all beforehand, spending countless hours studying the material to prepare for this event.

This year, both teams placed second, letting the petals fall where they may, showing the world that guys and girls alike know their way around flowers. Great job to both teams on a great day in Elkton!




Advanced: 2nd

4th: Cassidy Leatherwood

9th: Taryn Whelchel

11th: Esten Harrington


Beginning: 2nd

8th: Leslie Biscay

11th: Hailee Holder

13th: Mattison Hobgood