Growing Greenhands!

This year, the annual Greenhand ceremony was held in the activity center where FFA members and parents gathered to watch Freshman recieve their very first FFA degree, the Greenhand Degree! To recieve this degree freshmen members had to meet a certain criteria that they had gone over in the Intro to Ag class. During the ceremony Mia Lahley, Eliza Sorenson, Ariana Buck, Camerin Feagins, and Emma Maetto presented the FFA Creed.

"It was a great experience to go through as a freshman, said Ariana, it made me feel welcomed into the chapter."  Also during the ceremony, senior members got the chance to cut down their greenhands from when they were a freshman, and parents got the chance to get involved with the Alumni. Afterwards, all members headed up to the middle school gym for a thrilling game of dogdeball. Overall, Greenhand night was a success! It was great to honor these freshman on their achievements. The Sutherlin FFA chapter can't wait to see all the great things they will accomplish in the future!