District Rituals!

District Rituals were held at Myrtle Point on Wednesday, November 9th. Sutherlin made a great showing bringing home a red and a blue banner. The Sutherlin beginning team took first while the advanced team took second. 

District RitualsThe top individuals for beginning were:  Nicole Leatherwood (1st place president), Gabby Cornelia (1st place vice president), Cheyenne Cunningham (1st place secretary), Kelsey Maillet (1st place reporter), and Evelyn Beattie (1st place sentinel).

Advanced: Jerry Risk (3rd place president), Lana Chamberlain (3rd place vice president), Tiffany Rosemeyer (1st place secretary), Kaylee Terry (2nd place treasurer), Kylee Carson (3rd place reporter), and Andrew Beattie (3rd place sentinel).

Congrats to all participants!