Spring State CDE Round Up

The Sutherlin FFA Chapter began May with a bang as 35 students competed in 10 state competitions over four days, with six teams placing and one team qualifying for national competition.


State Meats CDE: 1st Place (22 teams total) and qualifying for national competition in Indianapolis in October
Alex Powell (1st Place High Individual), Colleen O'Meara (2nd place High Individual), Austin Powell (3rd place High Individual), Adam Powell, Megan Lemke

State Meats B-Team: 1st Place
Jerry Risk (10th Place High Individual), Anjelica Badillo, Micah Helvie, Kaylee Terry, Madi Powell

State Ag Communications: 4th Place
Rozalyn Patrick (3rd Place High Individual), Kasse Freeman (7th Place High Individual), Kacie McCracken (10th Place High Individual), Lana Chamberlain

State Food Science: 4th Place (16 teams)
Kylee Carson (2nd Place High Individual), Tessa Franklin (8th Place High Individual), Heather Brown, Jessica Freeman

State Environmental Science & Natural Resources (Envirothon): (2nd Place FFA - 15 teams) (Team also placed 5th in overall Envirothon – 35 teams)
Aaron Davis, Kaylee Terry, Colton Leatherwood, Cody Ferguson, Bethany Spelgatti

Oregon Envirothon: 3rd Place Overall (35 teams), 1st in Wildlife Ecology, 1st in Video Presentation
Adam Powell, Austin Powell, Jessica Warren, Jerry Risk, Rozalyn Patrick

Other teams competing:

Horse Judging (Taylor Foley, Shelby Foley, Christy Chamberlain)
Agricultural Mechanics (Nick Brewer, Ryan Smith)
Advanced and Novice Livestock (Austin Powell - 13th High Individual advanced), Andrew Beattie, Trevor Taylor, Dylan Dawson, Tessa Franklin (5th High Individual novice), Jesse Freeman, Destiny Liles, Ambrose Brower, Garrett Freeman, Kayla Mosley