District Leadership CDE's

On Wednesday, Feburary 9th, the District Leadership Career Development Events were held at the Sutherlin Family Church in Sutherlin. These events were parliamentary procedure, extempt public speaking, and prepared public speaking. Colleen O'Meara placed second in prepared public speaking and Adam Powell placed first in extempt while Jessica Warrren placed second. The advanced parliamentary procedure team placed first and consisted of Jerry Risk, Austin Powell, Bethany Spelgatti, Roz Patrick, Colton Leatherwood, and Adam Powell.

The beginning parli pro team consisted of Jesse Freeman, Garrett Freeman, Josie Nunnelly, Kylee Carson, Priscilla Medina, and Tessa Franklin and placed second. Shania Wallis and Tammera Beck were also on the beginning team.  Both the advanced and beginning teams will move on and compete at sectionals. Both teams are very excited to compete for a chance at state and the chapter wishes them the best of luck.


All Sutherlin FFA Results:

Advanced Parli Pro – 1st
Beginning Parli Pro – 2nd
Both teams advance to the sectional event Feb 28

Advanced Public Speaking
Colleen O'Meara – 2nd
Lana Chamberlain – 4th
Colleen advances to the sectional event Feb28

Extemporaneous Public Speaking
Adam Powell – 1st
Jessica Warren – 2nd
Both advance to the sectional event Feb28

Sophomore Public Speaking
Shelby Foley – 3rd
Bethany Spelgatti – 5th

Beginning Public Speaking
Lucas Erickson – 4th
Heather Brown – 5th

Creed Speaking
Christy Chamberlain – 4th
Heather Brown – 6th
Kayla Mosley – 9th